Jackieskitchn Update!

Jackieskitchn Update!

Hi! I haven’t posted in quite a while. I’ve been extremely busy and I wanted to stop in and give you an update. I am officially a certified Etiquette Consultant!

This was a journey I was not expecting to take!

I am still cooking away but I have taken on an additional role. In November 2016, I decided that I wanted to teach children table manners. I studied table manners at the Charleston School of Protocol. I loved it so much that I wanted to learn more and more. I found the best protocol university in the country and drove 10 hours to Massachusetts to study. I earned my protocol certification in Professional Presence, International Protocol Awareness, Dining Savvy, and Presentation Skills. I am currently a member of the International Association of Professional Etiquette Consultants.

The dining table is the most important place your savvy is displayed. I teach the social graces of dining and entertaining.

People are not only searching for recipes they are searching for interpersonal relationship information! Success!

I write a weekly etiquette column for the Keystone Press Award winning Lehigh Valley Press Focus. I love answering etiquette questions, check them out at “Respectfully Yours” . Please stop by and read what I have to say! You can also visit me at www.pennsylvaniaacademyofprotocol to learn more!

There is a strong connection with etiquette and confidence, this intrigued me. I was never truly mindful of the connection.

I took everything I learned and started an etiquette business. I opened the Pennsylvania Academy of Protocol and I absolutely love teaching etiquette.

Confidence, Self-esteem and Respect

My mission is to share these tools to help others learn how to be successful and confident in business and their personal lives. Adults and children gain self-esteem and confidence when they are confident that the way they treat people is received well.

I will be adding more recipes to Jackieskitchn shortly. Thank you for stopping by!

Respectfully Yours,



  1. Hi Jackie, Happy New Year! Congratulations on your new adventure! That sounds awesome! Best of luck and please keep in touch! 😊