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I never intended to be a food blogger. I started this food blog as a way to document my recipes. After spending years, 30+ to be exact in my own kitchen, I learned through trial and error how to cook. My handwritten recipe collection was getting out of control. I compiled mounds of paper, some nicely written on recipes cards, others (most) stuffed into cookbooks. My attempt at becoming organized resulted in this blog.  My blog is a labor of love, derived from 30+ years of trial and error in my very own “test kitchen.”

I am proud to say that my background includes being a certified etiquette consultant. I studied with Protocol Consultants International and The Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette. We show the respect we have for others and ourselves when using good manners.

After all, the dining table is the most important place your Savvy is displayed.

 For A Fresh, Fun, Modern Twist on Teaching Social Etiquette visit me at the Pennsylvania Academy of Protocol.


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Here’s the rundown:

  • I am a protocol consultant
  • I am the youngest of 5 girls
  • I have 4 young adult children,  2 daughters and 2 sons
  • always have flour on me when I’m in the kitchen
  • I always cook with music playing
  • love traveling and seeing the world
  • I associate the places I’ve been with the food I’ve experienced there
  • All four of my grandparents were immigrants coming to the US in the early 1900’s

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