Sharing more than the Recipes, Making Memories


Today’s experiences while preparing the Cabbage and Noodles were more than I expected. My plan was to prepare cabbage and noodles and post the recipe.  That’s not exactly what happened.

It all started with me double checking with my  sister Kathy that I in fact had the recipe and preparations correct. That conversation continued to expand and move on to those recipes that we have only from our memories.  It was great to be able to go over how to continue preparing those meals that were “silently” passed on to us.

As I began to chop the cabbage I heard from my cousin Carole asking me what I was up to today. I told her I was making cabbage and noodles. She asked me to teach her right then and there how to make it through the power of  texting  on cell phones. I can multi-task but this was tricky! Texting, cooking and taking pictures of the food I’m trying not to burn takes focus and I felt more like a mind wanderer today.  I’ve never taught someone to cook a meal via text.  Thankfully she was successful with her quest to conquer cabbage and noodles and I didn’t burn anything.

My innocent attempt to prepare  simple comfort food  turned out to be a bonding experience between sisters and my best friend and cousin. I invite you to share and have fun with recipes even if the meal fails. It’s more about creating memories and in my book that’s a  success.  I set out to cook a dinner and ended up with so much more!

Join us in making cabbage and noodles. Scroll down and follow along.

Love you Ladies

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