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Pastitsio (Greek Lasagna)

Lasagna is everything good all snuggled up into one delicious pasta dinner! Noodles, cheese and ground beef, how can it get any better? I’ll tell you, Pastitsio! This Greek pasta dish contains a bechamel sauce, noodles and ground beef. It is very similar to Italian lasagna.There is a bottom layer […]

doughnut holes

Heavenly Homemade Doughnut Holes

Homemade doughnut holes are easy to make! The perfect weekend breakfast or snack that requires little effort. I fell in love with doughnut holes on a trip to New York City. There I found miniature doughnut circles that were served with dipping sauces that were heavenly. Light fluffy doughnuts that […]

pumpkin roll

Classic Pumpkin Roll

A friend gave me this recipe more than twenty years ago and I have made it without fail every year since. Looking back I’m amazed I learned to make pumpkin roll the old fashion way, without internet assistance. How did I even manage to put a meal together before Food […]

classic Kentucky bourbon balls

Classic Kentucky Bourbon Balls

Classic Kentucky bourbon balls are delectable little confections made with vanilla wafer crumbs, bourbon, and cocoa along with chopped pecans. This recipe belonged to my mother-in-law who was born and raised in Kentucky. I’m a Northern girl and not familiar with many Southern recipes. This particular recipe is a great […]

buttered noodles

Ultimate Creamy Buttered Noodles

Looking for that perfect side dish? This is it! Homemade buttered noodles are so much better than the prepackaged dried noodle concoctions. Leave out the added chemicals and make a creamy noodle side dish in seven minutes! Noodles always make a great side dish and they compliment many entrees. In […]

recipe card

New Recipe Posts!

In case you missed out getting my last two recipe post alerts, here’s the update! Due to back of house technical problems you might have missed out. Check out my Three Cheese Macaroni and Cheese recipe along with the recipe for Babka (potato casserole) Thanks for stopping by!