Basics That Every Girl Should Have By 30



I’m sure you’ve seen or at least heard of the list of magical things a girl should have by 30. If you go by this list you should have acquired at least part of the list which includes pearls, a suit, and a grown up handbag. It’s a good list but there are other things, practical things a girl should have in her arsenal by 30. The items I’m adding to the list will make your life easier while you look amazing in your pearls and fancy suit.

To help make your kitchen function better for you there are a few basic items you’ll need. Simple things that pack a big punch in the long run.

First thing is a glass measuring cup for liquids. Measuring dry and liquid ingredients are two different things so you’ll want to invest in a glass measuring cup. The good old standby Pyrex is perfect.

Second is a wooden rolling-pin. The non stick ones are okay but it’s not going to make things easier for you.

A sifter. Yes, a sifter…if you are lucky enough to come across an Aunt’s recipe or acquire an old cookbook you’ll need a sifter. They are actually great for stress relief too!

Mashed potatoes, who doesn’t like real mashed potatoes?! To do it right you’ll need a potato masher. Not the kind with the squiggle loop looking masher but the kind with the grid. Trust me, the grid mashers actually mash the potatoes. Save yourself the aggravation and buy a good masher with the grid.

The last items are super basic! Measuring spoons and measuring cups. Having two sets of measuring cups is ideal otherwise when you feel ambitious in the kitchen you’ll be washing the one set over and over. Last but not least you’ll want a whisk. In a perfect world you’d like to have a non stick and stainless steel whisk.

This list can get longer and more detailed to include a cast iron fry pan and other helpful tools but for the basics and for starting to explore cooking I’m keeping it simple. I go by the rule that my mom, aunts and grandmothers did not have lots of fancy implements and they created amazing meals!